Monday, March 8, 2010

True Romance

This morning I woke up to find that Jim had not only cleaned up every single toy all over the house yesterday, but he'd also stayed up last night folding about a gazillion loads of laundry and doing the dishes. There was also a big pan of jello waiting for me in the fridge.

Jim's actually been doing the majority of all housework for over two weeks now, partly because I've been so sick and tired and partly because now I'm not supposed to being doing any lifting or "straining," which we've taken to mean bending over and picking up toys all day, vacuuming, etc. I mean, no sense taking chances, right?

He's also been doing a lot of grocery shopping and preparing meals and entertaining kids and basically, doing all the stuff he usually does PLUS all the stuff I usually do. Short of dusting, of course. :) My main job has been reading stories to the kids. And gestating, of course. That's pretty much priority one these days.

Not only has he been uncomplainingly doing all this stuff, but he also hasn't said word one about all the extra money we've been spending on food lately due to my weird stomach needs and unwillingness/inability to get near any sort of hot meat or vegetable, which equals lots of pizza and take out and running and fetching from Subway. All while I stand cringing because the pot of water boiling for the kids' macaroni is just so ODOROUS and UNBEARABLE.

And did I mention that I'm on doctor ordered pelvic rest, which means exactly what you think it does?

You're a champ, Jim.


  1. He IS a champ! I'm so impressed! And I fully expect Torsten to be the same someday. We'll see!

  2. Wow, that is really amazing. I'm quite sure that my husband would say "no way" to having more kids if it meant he had to do anything even remotely similar to that. He already doesn't want to have more b/c he doesn't want to "deal" with me being pregnant, we had relatively easy pregnancies. The second one was a little tougher. But no bed rest or anything like that. You got a good one...

  3. You go Jim! I'm sure he knows that you would do the same for him. :)

  4. Totally a champ. Kudos to him :) This too shall pass. (And I mean the feeling awful and such... hopefully he'll still do this here and there... you know, to keep the romance alive :)

  5. He's a great guy.

    Also, "doctor ordered pelvic rest" is my new favorite expression. It just replace "sexual napalm."

  6. He's a keeper, for sure! (I'm sure you're glad to hear that - almost three kids in!)

    And I, too, laughed out loud at "doctor ordered pelvic rest". That is fantastic.